Apple plucking in Chamba

Apple plucking in Chamba

We love the big city and big city life. But every once in a while, the dust and the heat and the noise become too much. You thought that bamboo plant on your table or balcony was enough nature for you. But suddenly it just isn’t.

The urge to exchange your cramped up office table for wide-open spaces starts growing. Conversations about heading to the hills start taking on a new intensity. You look at the calendar and see a long weekend coming up. Plans are made and before you know it you’re all packed up and on a night bus (or train) headed to the nearest hill station.

For the first few times, you find yourself walking on the same mall roads where everybody else with the same idea is walking. Next, you decide to be a little more adventurous and go on a trek. Another long weekend comes along and you find yourself in hiking shoes, walking on well-trod pagdandis that pass off as treks. At some point, you realize that just maybe there is more to the Himalayas than Parvati Valley and Triund. This probably happens to you when you are trying to side-step an empty chips packet discarded by the tourists who walked here before you. that’s when your search for a more genuine experience starts.

If you are still with me – now is the time to tell you about our Eco Lodge in Chamba. You may want to spend more than a long weekend here because a genuine Himalayan experience deserves a few days to really soak in the rhythm of the hills.

Driving to the Eco Lodge in winter
Driving to the Eco Lodge in winter

If you visit in January or February you are sure to experience a few days of snow. 2019 saw some heavy snowfall after many years of milder weather.

The snow is really good for our apple trees and we are looking forward to a bumper harvest this year. 

Which brings me to the main topic of this post. August and September are the time of year when the harvest takes place. 

So if you want to be an apple picker for a week or two. You know where to come. You can spend the morning picking apples and we will lay out a scrumptious picnic lunch for you. You can then take a napPlucking Apples at our Eco Lodge or a leisurely walk and in the evening you could have an apple pie or apple juice from the crop that you picked.

As we will be especially arranging this for you, it would be nice to get ample notice – so that we can make your Apple Picking holiday a real treat. For you and your friends or family.

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