3 must do treks in Himachal Pradesh
Walk, trek, hike to the 3 best destinations in Himachal

3 must do treks in Himachal Pradesh

Explore the mountain trails of Dharamsala and Kangra

You can go to the hills and walk on the Mall roads or you can truly getaway for a holiday with nature. Here is our list of must do treks in Himachal to enjoy and appreciate the true beauty of our mighty Himalayas.

#1. Gunna Devi Temple trek

This is a walk that can be managed by fit over 50s, children over the ages of 8 or 9 and parents who want to create happy family memories of sitting by a gurgling fresh water stream and then helping their children reach the top of a mountain with the most spectacular snow scapes imaginable. Although an easy trek, do make it a point to start early. That way you get a chance to linger by the stream and maybe even take off your shoes and socks to dip your feet in the ice cold and crystal clear waters.

#2. Ratto Beri Trek


Another must do trek in Himachal is the one to Ratto Beri. This local grazing route in the Kangra valley is a hidden gem. The trek offers magnificent views of the Dhauladhar mountains , vast expanses of grazing pastures , and gurgling ice cold streams. This is an easy to moderate trek and after the initial climb, it takes you across more or less gentle slopes. On this trek, you also get the rare opportunity to live and/or interact with the local Gaddi tribals.

#3. Triund – Dharamsala’s most popular trail

Triund is one of the best known in our list of the must do treks in Himachal. Difficulty level is moderate, and although do-able in 1 day, I would recommend spending the night in luxury tents that we arrange for you. That is when you also get a chance to gaze at the stars. On a clear night you get to see the milky way in all its glory. It’s almost as though God is putting up this spectacular show just for you.

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