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Exceptional mountain-backed scenery, charming riverside villages, slate-roofed hay barns, great walks and inviting forests all come together in the delightful region known the Bhandal valley. Home to the high-altitude wildlife sanctuary knows as the Gamgul Siyabehi Wildlife Sanctuary. The area has historically been cited as “the garden of chamba’ , the valley situated on the right bank of the Ravi river which separates it from the main district, creating a world of its own.

Mountains matter

Did you know? - More than half of humanity relies on mountain freshwater for everyday life.
We are constantly raising awareness about the mountains and collaborating with initiatives to conduct conversational projects and workshops.

Highly rated on Airbnb

A fine blend of traditional Himachali and colonial architectural detail and outstanding delivery of experiences, our guests have rated us highly.

Ecologically conscious

We are proud to be an environmentally sensitive property with a vision of care. We recognize the importance of environmental conservation and are constantly finding effective ways of minimizing our footprint on the environment.


What our guests have to say about us


This will remain one of the most memorable places I've visited. Yuvaresh is an amazing host & very down to earth person and will take care of your each and every need. Right from the campfire in the evening to the amazing chai and the food served was amazing. The property is huge with the most beautiful interiors which is quite rare to find in places like these. It was a delight being so close to nature and crazy stars in the dark night sky. I would definitely visit this place again very soon! Thankyou for being such a wonderful host.


A great place to spend time in the mountains away from the hustle and bustle. With an amazing view of the mountains and the valley. This cottage is amidst nature, warm, comfortable, clean and spacious. The back wall of the cottage has windows which gives a great view along with soothing sunlight. In the morning or evening you can sit in the lawn, have tea or coffee admiring the view with the sound of birds in the backdrop. There are apple orchards at walking distance where you can go, pluck apples and eat them fresh. The view of the night sky is perfect and you can spend several hours stargazing. The host Yuvaresh is warm, friendly and welcoming. He runs his own adventure trips so he can help you with trekking and hiking trips. To sum up I have enjoyed my stay here and highly recommend this place if you are looking to spend some relaxing and peaceful time.


This is a wonderful place right in the heart of nature. It is a place worth visiting with family and friends. The place is spacious with very antique and beautiful wooden interiors. Yuvaresh and other staff, were extremely friendly and warm. To visit further, there is a beautiful location called ‘Padri Pass’ 2 hours away. Further, Yuvaresh is a very experienced trekking planner and goes on several expeditions of several days! I encourage future visitors to plan ahead with him regarding the tours. All in all a place to put in your bucket list of things to do!


I am an avid traveler and my passion for taking the road less traveled brought me to this hidden treasure in Chamba.. Guys, in terms of safety, food, a place to sleep and accessibility, this place is amazing. For people going on leisure trips this is heaven.. the scenery is breathtaking.. The rooms and beds are properly heated.. the cleanliness is superb.. In one sentence, this was a 5 star experience!! Thanks to my amazing host, he gave us something better than a world-class experience, he gave us a place to make memories and cherish them forever.. Highly recommend it.


Short Review: I can live here indefinitely. Go figure.... Long Review: From the day we reached here, it started growing on us. We had originally planned to stay here for a week, but eventually stayed for three weeks. The setting is ideal for Work From "Home Away From Home". Add to it the river, the waterfall, the hills, the forest and the birds, and what more can one ask for. The best thing about the place? The host and the caretaker. You can't find more friendly, unintrusive and cooperative set of host and caretaker. Summary: I can live here indefinitely.

Shalini Mukerji

Perfect mix of chill and adventure, culture and nature. Clean, comfortable rooms; cosy nooks in the orchard and inside the lodge to lounge in on days we felt lazy; a diverse library for rained-in time; convenient charging points. Yuvaresh and uncle are very thoughtful, warm hosts, and enthusiastic cooks! Their pride and love for their home reflected in all aspects of our stay - Trails we walked, their stories of the valley, food we ate. Uncle treated us to subzi of stinging nettle, Chamba chuk (local chili chutney), a few dishes from “Dham” cuisine that mark special occasions. Looking forward to more Gaddi Trails experiences of the valley in the different seasons!


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